This Gem seems to know stuff we do not.

—Tiger Eye


I have the same kind of hairstyle as Rose Quartz (Well, either Steven's mom, or the Shy Quartz. Take yer pick), but coloured pure blue with neon green. I have green eyeliner and sea green eyes. I can be seen wearing a lime green shirt that looks like a V-neck. I also have transparent sea green trousers (pants), and they have sea green underpants. And finally, I'm wearing a pair of sea green socks which goes into their ocean blue shoes (Which looks similar to Pearl's shoes), and transparent sea green leg warmers.


My Unique Abilities:

  • Matter Ingestion: Like Amethyst, I can eat anything and be totally fine with it, no matter what.
  • 4th Wall Awareness: I just so happen to know what goes on beyond that screen. That, and I wrote my own webpage of information to give poor 'ol Smily a break.😉
  • Energy Constructs: This is why I don't need weapons - I can make them myself. Out of energy. Also, I can make small platforms of energy appear, and even imprison fellers in energy boxes.


I seem to be kept around for 'comic relief' - whatever that is. Anyways, here goes the Personality List!

  • I act impulsively, so maybe a little patience would do me good.
  • I'm too brave for my own good. Seriously, can anyone scare me?
  • I tend to be like that Rose Quartz at times, with the 'Hippie' side of things.
  • Sometimes you gotta have standards. I'm nice, but not towards fellers who have the gall to tick me off. If'n you wanna know what ticks me off:
    • Dang 'ol fusion mistreatment. We fuse to HELP each other, not tear 'em down, dangit! If I see a poor 'ol Fusion bein' mistreated, they can expect me to defend the Fusion.
    • Bloodstone's former mindset. Even I am not one fer......EATING THEM?! EW! GROSS! Glad that's gone. But mentioning it gets ya a punch in the face.



I met these two while standing guard for the Diamonds (Yellow, Blue and White) just to make sure they can do their business uninterrupted. But these two have shockin' history with them. Soda wound up corrupted? I'm not an expert, but those dang 'ol fellers are better off together than apart!

The Diamonds

We just happen to be on good terms with each other for the time being. But we didn't always git along. I was made fer fightin' as a Soldier, but I didn't wanna do it, so just went "Screw it." and left to do my own thing. Which was a tour of Earth. Which lasted 500 years. Yea, then Era 3 started. Now, we seems to be on good terms.


[Smily - "What started as a pure and innocent character turned into one used for comic relief. Just think of this feller like you would do with Ed Edd n Eddy."]

[Smily from 15/02/2020 - "If'n yer gonna ask what languages they know other then English/American (Who cares which is correct), then yer'n gonna be told 'Chan eil'. Good luck figurin' out that language."] - Great, now everyone wull be saying that mah accent's Scottish, nae Texan. Crakin' gaun, ye shrunken quack!

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