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Chaorite is the fusion of Ayanite and Sky Blue Opal (and by extension, Sea Salt Pearl and Dark Violet Amethyst).






Charoite possesses standard cross Gem fusion abilities and traits. She is capable of summoning all of her components weapons, as well as combine them into a new weapon; a mace.


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Gemstone Information

  • The colors of charoite include stunning bright lavender, soft light-lilac, and violet to deep purple. The violet-purple coloring agent is actually owed to the charoite mineral itself.
    • Charoite almost always occurs with varying swirling mixes and patterns which will often exhibit all of these colors in a single stone. Some may also have black, green and orange streaks as a result of trace agents of colored impurities.
    • Charoite can also exhibit a slight level of chatoyancy, which when combined with its unique color, attractive luster and translucent marbling, has led many people to believe that charoite is enhanced or lab-grown, synthesized material.
  • Charoite has a very complex chemical composition, which consists of hydrated potassium, sodium, calcium, barium strontium and silicate hydroxyfluoride. There are no known closely related gemstones, but there are a few gemstones that can appear similar including pietersite, tiger's eye, hawk's eye, sugilite, sodalite and lapis lazuli. Some other commercial rocks like granite and marble may also be confused with charoite.
    • Although pure charoite is a distinct mineral, the 'charoite' we know today is technically defined as a rock, much like that of maw-sit-sit and lapis lazuli. However, unlike lapis lazuli and maw-sit-sit, charoite's composition is very nearly pure and may contain only slight traces of microcline feldspar, aergirine or tinaksite.
    • Charoite has a hardness similar to turquoise and lapis lazuli (between apatite and orthoclase). It possesses a density and refractive index roughly equivalent to that of quartz, but even without gemological details, charoite is very easily distinguished from any other material.
  • Charoite deposits commonly form and occur alongside other various minerals, most particularly orange tinaksite and green or black aegerine, which in many cases, are actually inclusions within charoite.
    • Since its recent introduction to the international gem trade, charoite has become increasingly popular year-after-year. Unfortunately, due to limited supply, some experts claim that the Siberian mines may soon be depleted, much like those of tanzanite and rare ammolite.
  • Since ancient times, charoite minerals have been used for healing and ceremonial purposes. Mongols were known to create ornamental objects from charoite and they ceremoniously boiled stones into tea, which would be consumed with the belief that it could strengthen the ties of family and community, while providing all members with protection from evil spirits.
    • Often called the 'stone of transformation' and 'the stone of power', charoite earned its pseudonyms through its ability to transform negative emotions into positive feelings of well-being. It is also thought to encourage inner-strength and assertiveness. As a stone of inspiration, charoite is believed to enhance creativity, spirituality and self-esteem. It is a very soulful stone, often used for grounding the spiritual-self, ideal for opening and balancing of the crown, third eye and solar plexus chakras.
    • Physically, charoite is thought to help with the healing of various injuries or disorders, including alcoholism and liver disorders, muscular cramps and headaches, as well as the alleviation of heart, eye and nerve problems. It is believed to help regulate blood pressure and assist with insomnia by inducing powerful but positive dreams.


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