Bat Cave Jasper is a Jasper assigned as a bodyguard for an Atlantisite.


Bat Cave Jasper has the build of an average Jasper. She has mocha skin with yellowish-cream patches in various places. She has messy black hair that drapes down over her shoulders and sticks out, slowly curling up and inward at the top, giving a wing-like look, with 'emo' bangs covering her entire right eye. Her eyes have caramel-coloured irises, and she appears to wear heavy black eyeliner around her eye, with it seeming to run down her cheek at the bottom. Her lips are a darker shade of brown than the rest of her skin. Her outfit is reminiscent of human clothing, consisting of a top, an overcoat, bottoms and a pair of boots. Her top appears to be a salmon-pink shirt with a deep blue upright diamond in the centre of it. The overcoat resembles a dark grey or black cardigan. it has only the right sleeve, and the left side is sleeveless. The right sleeve reaches just slightly past where the hand and wrist meet. Her bottoms seem to be a pair of denim short-shorts, rolled up twice and looking a shade lighter at the bottom. The boots appear to be like platform heels that reach her knees. They are a dark burgundy colour with black soles. She also has a black choker necklace and a striped detached sleeve-glove on her left hand and arm. The stripes are burgundy and salmon coloured. It reaches up to her knuckles, with a hole for her thumb, and covers up to just above her elbow.


Somewhat stern and generally in a damp mood a majority of the time. Bat Cave is touchy and hot-tempered, and handles humiliation and blame very poorly. She's very guarded off and snappy, doesn't like being asked questions she considers strange and often gets suspicious of people who ask her questions she considers to be probative or unnecessary. Such questions include questions about her lisp, as she is insecure about it, and her gem placement, as she shows minor paranoia that someone may try to crack or shatter her. Her lisp aggravates and frustrates her intensely and sometimes at complete random. She's known to get worked up over more petty things, yet remain calmer when an issue is of a bigger magnitude. She's also very hardworking and protective.


Bat Cave Jasper was a member of a group of Jaspers, Quartzes and other gems, where she was well-liked by the others and protective of the group and her position in it. After the disappearance of one group, she was temporarily grouped into the Red "J" Trio group as a bunch of soldiers/guards, before eventually being pulled out of the group and assigned to guard an incredibly absentminded Atlantisite. It took her quite a while to get used to this job, and she had even tried going AWOL about twice, coming back to the Red Jaspers only to be sent right back once, and seeking out Clear Quartz and joining her briefly, only to once again be found and sent back to her job. After these incidents, she resigned herself to her duty and began to adjust herself to the task. Since the start of Era 3, she still guards Atlantisite, though they neither stay on Homeworld nor Earth definitively, and Bat Cave has been to and attended a few classes at Little Homeworld, despite tending not to get it, and having a minor altercation with Steven once or twice.


Bat Cave Jasper possesses the abilities of most other gems, shapeshifting, summoning a weapon, bubbling gems, retreating and regeneration, enhanced strength and durability, etc.

  • Umbrakinesis: Bat Cave Jasper possesses the ability to generate and manipulate shadows and darkness, or the absence of light.
  • Night Vision: Bat Cave Jasper possesses the ability to see in conditions of extremely low light.
  • Gliding: Bat Cave Jasper seems to have the ability to glide as long as certain conditions are met.



  • Fighting Prowess: As she is built for battle, Bat Cave Jasper possesses great skills in combat.
    • Night Battle: Bat Cave Jasper is especially proficient in battle at night or in the dark.
    • Aerial Battle: She is also proficient in many aerial attacks.



She was assigned to protect Atlantisite and despite her seeming frustration with her task, she is vehemently hard working in trying to keep her safe. Though Atlantisite's slowness stresses her out and irritates her at times, it has led to her finally calming down a bit and taking more time to do things, and Atlantisite and Bat Cave have become incredibly close.

Carnelian (Carneleon)

Carnelian was a highly loved and respected keystone member of the 'Silicon Kinship1'. Carneleon and Bat Cave Jasper often played and spent time together. Carneleon taught Bat Cave some things about the Earth, which may have had some influence on Bat Cave's fashion style, even after Carneleon's disappearance. Bat Cave has been dismayed over the loss of Carneleon for a while and seemed to continue to get info from and about the Earth in her memory.

Clear Quartz (Clequa)

Clear Quartz was a highly respected keystone member of the 'Silicon Kinship1'. As such, Clequa and Batty were quite close and spent time together quite frequently. Bat Cave was quite attached to Clequa and viewed her as a friend and a leader. When the group began to disintegrate due to Carneleon's disappearance and Clequa's actions as a result, Bat Cave tried to remain on Clequa's side. After being torn away from the group, she once managed to find Clequa and joined her briefly before being dragged back home. She harbours a vague sense of betrayal towards her.

Steven Universe

Having met him a few times, most likely in Little Homeworld, their interactions had gotten off to a rocky start. Steven had been curious about her lisp- as it's not a trait most gems have and she didn't seem to be defective. Bat Cave took it the wrong way and was mildly offended and disgruntled about her lisp being brought up. And then, he made the mistake of asking where her gem was. She took that as a threat, asking why he wanted to know and if he was planning to crack her or shatter her. After Atlantisite managed to calm Bat Cave down, she made a proper decent impression on him and he did likewise.

The Red "J" Trio.

A trio in the 'Silicon Kinship1'. Bat Cave endeared herself to them and became attached to the point of trusting them deeply. She was grouped with them after the disintegration of the 'Silicon Kinship1'. They bonded heavily over that time. She so desired to escape to them after being removed to a new assignment, but they were forced to send her back. They don't very well keep in contact; which saddens, yet relieves Bat Cave.


Image Description
[[File:|100px|thumb|center]] Bat Cave Jasper has a wafer cut gemstone. It is located on the roof of her mouth.



  • Bat Cave's gem placement of 'roof of mouth' was based on:
    • The 'mouth' of a cave,
    • The idea that Cave is synonymous or associated with Cavern, which is a word that, by definition, a mouth could be described as.
    • It's on the roof of her mouth because bats hang from ceilings.
  • The placement of her gem provides as a source for her speech impediments, as the tongue must hit the roof of the mouth for l and s sounds, and the gem blocks the way.
  • Bat Cave doesn't like her lisp being mentioned and doesn't like when people ask her where her gem is. She's testy and untrusting.

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