Original Appearance

Every character has their beginnings, and Bloodstone's no exception. When she first popped out, she had the standard Homeworld Uniform, which was a vest with the Yellow Diamond insignia on it, black trousers, grey shoes, and the vest was dark red with bright red triangles on it. That's all there is to it.

Eras 1/2

They had a greyish outfit consisting of a shirt that dipped in the moddle, but never touching the trousers (PANTS), which dipped upwards, but never touching the shirt. Their footwear seemed similar to Garnet's footwear, but other than that, what else do I need to say?

Last Appearance

This COULD be their final outfit, since Bloodstone's due to go on trial for all their actions, but: They now went for a grey bodysuit, but at least their footwear has some colour since it's now dark red with purple soles, but the tips remained the same shade of grey.


Red Bloodstone is a gem of mystery, since not much is known about them. Yet she tends to be a little on the "THEY'RE FREAKIN' CRAZY AS H377!!!!" side, which scares not only humans and animals, but also Gems too. However, when she isn't being crazy as h377, they can generally be doing stuff that only they wanna do. Which isn't what either Homeworlders or Earthlings would do.

Recently, redeeming qualities started showing up that caused the Moon Crew - that is; Blue Moonstone, Tiger Eye, Angel Aura Quartz, Chalcopyrite, Serpentine, Cobalt, Ember, and Xeno to split in half over how to react to them, since they're overly protective of their fellow Bloodstones, and they seemed to have befriended a Bloodstone Fusion (PermaBlood). Basically, it's a case of Evil having standards.

Now, they're looking at being on the path to redemption, as they stated that they didn't want to have anything to do with Homeworld, thus deciding to stay on Earth - until they grew bored of the planet and moved onto Mars, which was a major mistake which landed them in jail. As for the Moon Crew, they now know her greatest motive for doing all this: They were acting out of jealousy directed at the Beta Jasper, because THEY wanted to be the Perfect Gem, but couldn't due to events that conspired against them.


Red Bloodstone actually can utilise Fang Retraction, which grants them razor-sharp fangs, which are actually retractable. Due to this, they also have an enhanced bite and (Similar to the Crystal Gem Amethyst) can consume pretty much anything without needing to worry about anything. Oh, and they can professionally use a scythe in combat.


The Moon Crew

Blue Moonstone

They've been convinced that eating (ew) Blue Moonstone's Gem is a majorly high reward, so proceeded to target them, which was their downfall. Got locked up moments later and considered them a major adversary, all of which happened during Era 1.

During Era 3, they met again multiple times, but their latest one - and last one - was during the Bloodstone Trial Arc, where they wound up in jail.

Tiger Eye

They didn't have a reason to hate them until they fused in an attempt to poof her and put her back in her prison planet. After that, Bloodstone seems to hate Tiger Eye, though less so than Blue Moonstone.

The PermaBlood Duo (Mookite and Sodalite)

These two are the very FIRST Gems that Bloodstone didn't immediately - or ever will - hate. In fact, Bloodstone likes these two, because they fuse into a fellow Bloodstone, and Smily's gonna confirm it now - Due to having learnt this the hard way - that Red Bloodstone, the Psycho, DOES HAVE STANDARDS! They won't let any of their fellow Bloodstones - whether Fusion or not - be made the subject of trauma, pain, or just insults.

Recently, this became more of a redeeming quality for Bloodstone, and a major plot point for the Bloodstone Trial Arc, one big enough to split the Moon Crew in half - But they don't know that yet. This set them on the path to redemption, one they'll have to spend in jail now.

The Diamonds

Even though it was their idea to create Bloodstone, these lot wanted them to be more like The Kindergarten Quartz who could, not a complete psycho. But, nonetheless Bloodstone hold major anger towards all of them because they ordered their imprisonment (There's even rumours flying around that they want to SHATTER Bloodstone!). However, if recent developments are giving any indications, it's that now they wanna just keep Bloodstone imprisoned. They finally got their wish during Era 3, and major details were dropped because of it.

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