Blue Moonstone has been known to be reckless when wanting to please her Diamond, or when on a mission assigned by a Diamond, and some of her choices have been impulsively made in almost an instant without having thought it through, but she's firmly loyal to the Diamonds, and cares about her friends as well as Gems who've been through tough times recently. Her actions are hastily carried out, though, yet this may be because she's a speedy Gem. This was correct as of Era 2.

Now, during Era 3, this is still majorly true, except her ego can get the best of her, which causes her to upset others without realising it. Also, she appears to be highly interested in human technology, and her loyalty to the Diamonds, although still in there, is now more of a friendship with them than just loyalty.

But, no matter what, deep down they harbour a major secret: They have onomatophobia (A fear of specific words or names). Which words do they fear? Here's a list:

  1. "Sacrifice" - The reason behind this one was because they had to sacrifice something to defeat Bloodstone back during the Rebellion (More on that later). So, yea. Bloodstone actually fueled her phobia.
  2. "Survivor" - Another Bloodstone one, because Moonstone kept getting labelled as 'Bloodstone's only Era 1 Survivor'. Can she stop it now?
  3. "Word" - This one wasn't caused by Bloodstone, yet seems very ironic, as her fear of specific words is itself triggered by the word "Word".
  4. "Wisecrack" - Yep, apparently this word's on the list. For those who are unsure what it means, then it means 'a smart or facetious remark'. Just don't ask why it's on the list. Seriously, don't.


Unique Abilities

Yes, she has all the classic Gem abilities, such as shape-shifting, and enhanced conditions. But, she is faster than most Gems, and her unique ability is Geo-Thermokinesis, which is basically like Lapis Lazuli's Hydrokinesis, except she can manipulate molten rock (Lava when above-ground, and magma when underground) instead of water.


  • When fused with Tiger Eye, they form the Nephrite Fusion.


Eras 1 and 2

They have white hair with navy blue tips, an aquamarine-coloured skin with purple shoulder pads, and blue gloves, complimenting a really dark blue outfit that goes into their purple boots. They also have an ocean-blue visor, with orange-coloured eyes.

Era 3

As of Era 3, Blue Moonstone has changed their outfit completely, now sporting a completely new wardrobe. They're now wearing a yellow shirt with a red stripe at the bottom, with sky blue shorts, pink socks (which are now visible), purple shoes, dark-red gloves and their purple shoulder pads changed to match that of Garnet's debut shoulder pads.


Smily decided to create other outfits for Blue Moonstone. The first one shows her as a Pokemon Trainer, which shows that she still has the purple shoes and pink socks, but now they reach higher up her legs than her Era 3 ones do, and her purple shoes have white tips. She pretty much ditched her shoulder pads entirely in favour of longer shirt sleeves, which continue down onto her hands, where they fade from yellow to red. Her cyan shorts became cyan trousers (pants if yer American), that just barely touches her pink socks. Finally, her red belt grew in size, yet is now more centralised on her body.


Tiger Eye

They both met for the first time when Blue Moonstone was sent to bring her back to Homeworld during Era 2, but got caught in events surrounding a fusion who appeared conspired against them. Eventually, Moonstone gave up trying to get Tiger Eye back to Homeworld, and that was when the mute Gem first considered them a friend, not a foe.

Since Blue Moonstone returned during Era 3, Tiger Eye stuck with her, as if she considered them a guardian. They were both then requested by Yellow Diamond to find and capture Bloodstone, a task which nearly costed Blue Moonstone their life had they not beaten the psycho. Because of this, they ended up fusing for the first time, creating the Nephrite Fusion!

Now, Smily would like to confirm that they are now a couple! Yes, both Moonstone and Tiger Eye have started going on dates with each other.


Most Moonstones are actually meant to be either technicians OR soldiers, but Blue Moonstone was the first to be used for both jobs, and showed the Diamonds that they can do well with such responsibilities. Then again, there are a few standouts in Moonstone Gems who were used for other jobs. Smily, when it came to choosing a Gem to create, was actually kinda a no-brainer, since Moonstone is a birthstone for him (Alongside Pearl and Alexandrite), so that was where the inspiration for his first Gem character came from. For those who are curious to know, if Moonstone had Pokemon types, it would be Fire+Fighting, since she can manipulate Lava/Magma, but was also made for combat. Similarly, Moonstone, as a Pokemon Trainer, would use mainly Fire and/or Fighting Pokemon in their team. Smily decided to go ahead and create a "Pokemon Trainer" outfit for Blue Moonstone, cuz why not? Except this picture was digitally made, and he does have plans on creating a hand-drawn version of it.

Moonstone's birthday is just 3 weeks after Smily's IRL birthday, which is basically on the other side of the month from theirs.

According to the website, since Blue Moonstone and Tiger Eye teamed up, they fell under the Brains and Brawn trope - Moon's the Brawn with her physical might from her time as a Soldier for Homeworld, while Tiger Eye's the Brains with her Numerical Precision powers.

Blue Moonstone Gallery

The pictures on the left and right show her outfit that she had during Eras 1 and 2 (The upper left one was tradigitally drawn, whilst the lower left one was just digitally made), with her Era 3 outfit being shown in the central picture. The pic on the right depicts Blue Moonstone as a trainer, complete with their entire team of pokemon. In it, there's (from left to right): Bastiodon, Mega Altaria, Ampharos, Blue Moonstone, Gigantamax Pikachu, Whimsicott, and Delphox. Do note, though, that this is the most likely Pokemon to be used by Smily themself, not Blue Moonstone. (More pics coming soon).



Blue Moonstone, over 7000 years ago, was put to work as a soldier for Homeworld, yet just ten years later, proved her worth as a technician as well, much to the pleasure of Blue Diamond. She allowed Moonstone to help maintain Homeworld's technology as well as fight on the front lines, which both surprised and impressed Yellow Diamond.

When the Rebellion started up, she was tasked with finding and capturing the Rebels, a task she found near impossible at the time due to being on Earth for the first time and not knowing where she was going. But, when she heard about the 'Garnet Incident', which happened at the Sky Arena, she became more determined to capture the Rebels, not realising they're becoming Crystal Gems.

Then, the Gem War happened, and she found herself on the front lines. She had a high record of poofing 500 Crystal Gems, with 132 shattered. But, sometime before Jasper came out in the Beta Kindergarten, Moonstone was called back to Homeworld to deal with Bloodstone. After barely managing to defeat the psychotic cannibal, she was sent back to Earth to continue fighting in the war.

Moonstone then met Jasper not too soon after she came out her exit hole, and both were impressed by each other's battle capabilities, which is how they became friends. But, when Pink Diamond got shattered faked her shattering, she had just managed to get off Earth in time, before she got hit by the Diamond Blast. Afterwards, she spent the thousands of years after the war refining Homeworld's technology and helping make new technology for Homeworld, believing that the Crystal Gems were gone for good, and that Pink was dead.
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