Bumblebee Jasper (Facet-9 Cut-7XP) is a defective former Quartz Soldier who currently resides on Earth.


Bumblebee is tall and muscular like any other common Jasper soldier, however, she has polydactyly, and has six fingers on each hand. Her skin is a golden colour with black banding in various places all over her body, and black freckles on her face, shoulders, back, and a few on her arms. Her left hand has black fingertips and a black thumb, while her right hand has black in the shape of a fingerless glove and on the fingertips, but not on the thumb. From the calf-down, her legs appear to be black. She has doe eyes with bright yellow irises and black pupils, with black rimming the tops and outer corners of her eyes as if eyeliner. She has black feathery eyebrows and defined lips. She has large, long, somewhat fluffy hair that seemingly splits in the back into two large long pigtails. Her outfit appears to have a tube top with a wide, horizontal Prussian-blue stripe at the very top and a pigeon-blue diamond shape upright in the centre of the stripe, jutting upwards off the top slightly. The bottom part of the top is split by an asymmetrical diagonal line. The top and left portion is a pale pink, and the bottom right portion is a darker, but still light, pink. The back of the top tapers inward slightly and has two straps from the top and bottom of the top. On her waist, going diagonally downwards from the right and tapering toward the top, is a dark tan sash that connects to another pigeon-blue upright diamond on her hip. She has a pair of Prussian-blue short-shorts with two sideways pigeon-blue diamonds on the front of both thighs, and a pair of cornflower-blue calf-boots with pink toe caps.


She’s a huge sweetheart. She wears her heart on her sleeve, almost entirely open about her feelings. She’s one to wander and admire things, to stop and smell the roses, to enjoy what’s around her. She is well-intentioned and finds every other person she meets interesting, unique and valuable. If you’re going to be around her, you should always be prepared for a hug. Or a compliment. She’s known for hyper-frequently partaking in both. Due to her life prior to joining the crew, she is protective of those others who are defective and seems to suffer at least mild PTSD from the sort of abuse she ended up subjected to. She struggles to deal with 'real arguments', yelling, blaming, and the word 'defective' or any derivative tends to act as a trigger word that may cause her to relive the memories of the terrible treatment she faced on Homeworld. She also dislikes mention of the War, similarly damaged by it and having almost equally bad memories of it. When upset, she will become quiet and try to isolate herself so she can ride out the wave of emotions alone as if it's like some sort of brain freeze. She rarely gets truly angry, and would much prefer to play around than to fight. She's childish and uses childish language. She’s also very impulsive and gets distracted often. While she may be thusly seen as truly naïve and even stupid, she's not a complete fool and has a basic understanding of most things, so although not hyper-intelligent, she is competent. She has also shown an interest in fusion and desire to fuse if just to experience it.


A Jasper made in the Beta Kindergarten who was labelled defective upon emergence but sent to fight anyways. After the war, she was put into a similar situation with the Human Zoo Amethysts, and she was constantly blamed and criticised for being defective to the point where she was abused over it. She grew bitter and hateful towards herself, yet still so intrigued about everything around her. She hated places that were empty and lifeless and loved almost anything that didn’t make sense to her, like other life forms, and deep down, she longed to escape Homeworld. But the system kept her locked, and she couldn't seem to convince herself she wanted to escape. But upon witnessing gems who defected because they couldn't stand it anymore, and after seeing some of The Crew members- Cat's-Eye, especially- she could finally convince herself she couldn't take any more of Homeworld, and she decided to leave with them.


Bumblebee possesses very few abilities beyond that of a normal gem.

  • Shockwave: Very simply, she can send out small shockwaves by stomping the ground or hitting an opponent hard enough. It's a bit like a localised earthquake.
    • Vibrakinesis: Relevant to that is the ability to create and manipulate vibration. It's weak but significant.
  • Drill Run: A bit similar to the spin dash Amethyst and Jasper are seen exhibiting in the show, but instead of a spin dash, Bumblebee Jasper is capable of doing a manoeuvre which lets her spin like a drill in mid-air while heading for an opponent. While the spin dash is good, it isn't as effective for a Makrigga as it is for a whip or helmet.


As of yet, Bumblebee has not fused more than once with a member of the crew.


  • Physical Combat Skills: Bumblebee was built to fight, and fight she can. She's a heavy hitter.
  • Endurance: Along with great physical strength, Bumblebee can take a lot of hits before being significantly affected.


Cat's-Eye Chrysoberyl

Bumblebee sees Cat's-Eye as a fellow defective gem, and they will from time to time just spend time as a duo and just talk about how terrible they feel about themselves. Thousands of years knowing each other has led to a weirdly strong relationship based on self-loathing, supporting each other and trying to get the other to see they're great, more self-loathing, and defectiveness. And yet, the relationship manages to be healthy. Bumblebee is rather defensive of Cat’s-Eye.

Chocolate Tahitian Pearl

Bumblebee and Tahitian Pearl, surprisingly to some people, get along fantastically well, as Bumblebee gets a kick out of Tahi's puns and knock-knock jokes and absolutely adores them, and Tahi encourages Bumblebee's exuberant personality and antics, finding Bumblebee an absolute joy to be around. Their bond is shockingly strong.


A fun-loving, sibling-like duo. They're both energetic and outgoing, and their personalities mesh well. Bumblebee's childish and playful nature is, unfortunately, a weakness for Lazurite, leading to tomfoolery and roughhousing, and some collateral damage. Lazurite is very protective of Bumblebee as they are aware of the abuse and pain Bumblebee has suffered and doesn't want anyone to resurface the emotions Bumblebee felt back then, and so will likely fight anyone who vituperates or verbally or physically abuses her. Bumblebee similarly sees Lazurite as a fellow defective/misfit, and would protect them physically at any given moment, and is often quick to try to calm them down when they're panicking. Bumblebee also highly admires Lazurite and adores the stories they tell, so you could consider her a huge fan of their work.


Lepidolite and Bumblebee Jasper have a strange tense relationship, as Lepidolite and her would definitely play Mario Kart together and love it, but Lepidolite's aggressive nature can cause emotional stress for Bumblebee when 'passion' becomes 'anger'. While Lepidolite's passion also helps as she can be very encouraging to Bumblebee, she also carries an intense emphasis on fault and blame, which hurts Bumblebee.

Leuco Sapphire

Leuco is shown to care greatly for Bumblebee Jasper and offers her support when needed. Bumblebee is shown to hold Leuco in high respect and will usually listen to what she has to say, and generally considers the unfortunate concept that no idea can be too bad if Leuco doesn't stop them from carrying it through.



Rhodochrosite and Bumblebee are very playful towards each other, oft enjoying playing around together, joking and chatting like a pair of preteen girls at a sleepover party. They're very sisterly towards each other and enjoy each others' presences. Bumblebee actually seemed to have a crush on Rhodochrosite at one point, but it was rather short-lived.


Omega causes severe emotional stress for Bumblebee- she knows what will send Bumblebee into such a state she won't be much of a threat: accentuating her defects. She has caused Bumblebee many a mental breakdown. Bumblebee wants to despise her- She does, really- but the pain of her memories keeps her ability to act on her anger limited.


Seraphinite and Bumblebee Jasper act like best friends, with similar energetic and enthusiastic personalities, protective natures and appreciation of puns. They are seen often with each other, playing games, making jokes, and otherwise messing around. Sometimes they spar for the fun of it. They are currently engaged in a prank war that has been spanning about a century or so, and in which Bumblebee currently has the upper hand.


Dottie and Bumblebee are so casual it's awkward. Dottie could be in the middle of yelling at or fighting with someone, and if Bumblebee saw her, her instinct would probably be to say hi, Dottie! and Dottie's instinct in response would be to drop whatever she's doing- though keeping whatever tone of voice she has consistent- and say hi back. They share a love of terrible, terrible humour, and even though Dottie complains that Bumblebee is way too tall, she shows concern for her wellbeing and enjoyment of her presence.


Elle and Bumblebee would probably just scream at each other. In a good way. Screech Buddies!

Moss Agate

Moss Agate thinks Bumblebee is adorable. Bumblebee isn't sure how to feel that. Moss Agate is very encouraging towards Bumblebee and Bumblebee is very awkward in response, mostly as Moss Agate is an Agate, a kind of gem Bumblebee has had many a bad experience with in the past.

The Crystal Gems

She's actually kind of tense around them. She likes them, she thinks they're nice, she thinks they're fun people, but she did fight in a war against them. She tends to fear being hurt or anything of the sort.


Image Description
Bumblebee Jasper's gemstone is a hexagonal facet and is located on her chest, over where her heart would be.



  • The makrigga is a barbed spear, which is why it was chosen for Bumblebee's weapon; in reference to a barbed bee stinger.
    • Which, incidentally, a Bumblebee's stinger is not.
  • She likes volleyball.
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