Calcic Lapis Lazuli is a Lapis Lazuli whose gem contains more white and gold inclusions than the average Lapis.


Calcie has the build of an average Lapis. She is lithe and slender. Her skin is a light steel blue. She has a pointed nose, a rounded eye that is usually half-closed from the bottom, with a curled eyeliner-like mark off the side. She also has a white scar going up through the eye. She has fluffy, space blue hair that swoops over one eye and curls outward. It reaches down between chin and shoulder length. It curls outward starting halfway down her head and the curls get smaller the lower they are. She also has a section on the left side of her head with no hair, from the top of the section of hair that covers her right eye down to where the side of her hair curls over her left cheek. The hair on her left side comes from the back of her head and swoops forward to the side. She also has two thick stripes of alabaster white hair, one on the inner edge of each area of hair that overlaps her face. She has an intricate outfit consisting of a midriff-exposing top, and an asymmetrical belt mermaid skirt. Her top is a clean white with a small, space blue upright diamond on the left breast. The diamond connects to a slanted gold stripe that appears like the collar of the top. The right half of the top has a sort of tank sleeve, and the left half past the gold half-collar is a tube top. A thinner gold strap connects to the half-collar where it meets the tube top half. The right side of the top also connects to a translucent steel blue angel sleeve through which the airforce blue silhouette of her arm is visible. On her left arm is a white glove that covers up slightly past her elbow and has the pointer and middle fingers cut out. Her mermaid skirt has an asymmetrical gold belt at the top that slants up to the left, where there's a small gap where the skin is visible. The skirt is wide at the thigh and flares out at the bottom in curvy waves. It's a steel blue with the silhouette of her body visible vaguely as an airforce blue. There are wavy pairs of white and gold stripes where the skirt begins to flare, and halfway between the first pair and the end of the skirt, which is accented with a gold fringe. She is barefoot.


Nervy and tense, Calcie is a fair example of 'people aren't my scene'. She tends to act guarded and untrusting, and seems intense, but is actually pretty sensitive. She can't stand being judged but doesn't show that she's upset any better than she shows that she's not intense. She's a bit hypocritical, tending to be the first to raise her voice, but getting upset when others yell. Her pastimes generally include relaxing, looking at fish for hours on end, sitting my the ocean, and her favourite thing is mermaids. A lot of her time is spent on her closet hobby, which is watching and reading things, usually about mermaids. She doesn't really like interacting with people, but seems to get attached easily and doesn't forget about people. She's very careful with her books, but can be very careless with other things. She doesn't like being pestered and is prone to panic attacks when she isn't given enough time to adjust to a new situation. She likes a steady rhythm and hates a break in a pattern. She is very curious, however, and loves to explore.


Calcie was a terraformer and explorer. Due to being low grade, she was often seen as more disposable than the rest, so she also took a role as an explorer, sent on her own to see if a place was dangerous. As such, she was thrown into many an uncomfortable and frightening place and was also often bullied by others, especially other Lapis Lazulis. She would often try to run off and was often brought back, and was not considered important enough to report. Despite having been constantly ostracised on Homeworld, she never particularly cared to bother trying to go to earth. When Era 3 finally broke, and Homeworld gems were given freedom, Calcie found that she loved Earth-- if not the inhabitants-- and began to spend most of her time there. She found her favourite places to spend time, a quiet and isolated cliff on a gem-populated island, and a less-busy section of the Beach City beach.


Calcie possesses the abilities of average gems such as regeneration, fusion, and shapeshifting. Along with these abilities, she possesses a few others.

  • Hydrokinesis: Calcie possesses the ability to manipulate water.
    • Her hydrokinesis is also somewhat linked to her emotions, as, when she is panicked, the tides near her are shown to crash in more violently.
    • Water Wings: Calcie possesses the ability to summon a pair of wings comprised of water, allowing her the capability to fly.
  • Enhanced Strength: While not particularly impressive for a gem overall, Calcie possesses impressive strength for a Lapis Lazuli. She is shown to easily kick a rock off a cliffside into the ocean several metres away.


Yet To Be Determined.


  • Fluency: Calcie is incredibly skilled in using and learning other, human languages to fluency. She mostly learns and puts these to use through reading and writing.
  • Flying: Calcie has the capability to use her water wings with great efficiency. She can fly with speed and skill.
  • Sense Of Direction: Due to being used as an explorer, Calcie's sense of direction is great.
  • Swimming: Calcie has learnt how to manipulate water around herself in order to shoot herself through the water like a missile.
  • Rhythm: Calcie has a perfect sense of rhythm.



Image Description
Calcic Lapis Lazuli's gemstone is a rounded cube, and it is located on her throat.



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