An incredibly famous and infamous Zircon known widespread throughout Homeworld as the Turncoat Zircon, Cinnamon Zircon had a history of associating with rebels just long enough to collect evidence against them and collect them to turn them in to the authorities on Homeworld. She's a prosecuting Zircon.


Idk she looks like the zircon equivalent of a Karen


Cinnamon Zircon is cold and apathetic, as well as prideful and arrogant. She cares very little for the wellbeing of others, yet oddly becomes distressed when left alone. Her cruel and callous nature is well-suited for her backstabbing, Homeworld-loyalist persona that aided her well back in Era Two. She enjoys other's misery to an extent and has little remorse when it comes to harming others. She enjoys fear and should not be trusted. Despite this, she is quite a good actress and impressively manipulative. She can put on an act of being agreeable, trustworthy and caring, but her true nature will show before long.


Cinnamon Zircon was a prosecuting Zircon who was rather underwhelming in performance. But her popularity-- and infamy-- within Homeworld grew exponentially when she decided the best way to catch a 'criminal' was to 'befriend' them first. She successfully tricked a rebellious gem, gathering information of their "betrayal" of Homeworld, and then turned on them and turned them in, to the authorities on Homeworld. This was regarded as very good by most of the Homeworld-aligned gems. Naturally, she didn't stop after doing it once, and soon gained a reputation as the "Turncoat Zircon" for her deceptive nature when it came to handling and capturing rebels. Knowledge of her cruelty outside of Homeworld spread much slower, too slow for many rebelling gems to be warned of her reputation. As a result, her tactics remained very efficient and successful for a vast expanse of time, making her very popular on Homeworld and making her many enemies. Some notable betrayals considered particularly impressive included aiding in the capture of a vandalising Bismuth who had previously shockingly eluded capture for millennia, aiding in the capture and destruction of another Zircon after unveiling their 'conspiracy', and the technically accidental incapacitation of a Lapis Lazuli, who wasn't a rebel or even a criminal. The one betrayal considered her most impressive is the treachery of a ship of rebel gems, the crew including a Pearl, two Rubies, and a fusion. Following this operation, the Pearl was rejuvenated and given to her as a reward for her work against rebels. She also has a history with Starlite Zircon, who can be considered her rival. Cinnamon Zircon has had a history of terrorising Starlite's clients, most significantly so when she was assigned to cover Starlite's position when Starlite was temporarily reassigned, leading to the one-time formation of the massive fusion Ammolite, creating massive damage and invoking casualties. At an even later time, Cinnamon Zircon lost her Pearl, when Starlite brought Coco Pearl, ultimately undoing the rejuvenation and leading to the dissipation of Cinnamon Zircon's physical form at the hands of the Pearls. She has yet to regenerate.


Cinnamon Zircon possesses most abilities of the average gem, such as shapeshifting, regeneration, and fusion. She technically does not possess the ability to summon a weapon for combat.

  • Semi-Extended Shapeshifting Ability: Though not incredibly impressive, Cinnamon Zircon can alter her physical form for extended periods of time, and uses this to deceive those she's trying to betray.
  • Holoscreens: Being a Zircon, Cinnamon Zircon possesses the ability to summon a 'monocle' and holographic screens that she can access and interface with at any time, used most often for keeping and retaining information on cases.


Cinnamon Zircon, being a Homeworld-loyalist prior to Era 3, has never been part of a cross-fusion, and being a Zircon, has never fused with another Zircon due to having no reason for doing so.


  • Gem Destabiliser Usage: Moreso a former weapon in her arsenal, Cinnamon Zircon possesses--or possessed-- a gem destabiliser that she would use on her rebel-capturing operations.
  • Deception: Cinnamon Zircon is an impressive actor, and is great at manipulating others and making them believe that she's not who she really is.
  • Deduction and Debate: As a lawyer, Cinnamon Zircon excels in arguments and deductive reasoning.


Calcic Lapis Lazuli

Cinnamon Zircon once partook in an awkward situation in which she hunted down and fought with Calcic Lapis Lazuli, who had done nothing. Calcic Lapis Lazuli is afraid of Cinnamon Zircon, and Cinnamon Zircon thinks she's pathetic.

Coco Pearl

Coco Pearl and Cinnamon Zircon were close friends, prior to the ship incident. Even afterwards, Coco didn't know any better than to still consider Cinnamon her friend. She even insisted that Cinnamon was a good gem, and refused to believe that Cinnamon had betrayed Mocha as was suggested. This insistence was quickly dissolved upon Coco seeing Mocha and Cinnamon, and a new hatred soon formed in its place, which was a helpful emotion to have when it came to the following fight, in which Coco and Mocha easily defeated Cinnamon. Coco thinks Cinnamon is "stinky".

Lavender Zircon

Cinnamon Zircon's former "rival" lawyer and first betrayal. They used to "get along" a little, although Lavender Zircon strongly disliked Cinnamon Zircon's opinions on guilt, rebellion and treason, often trying to convince Cinnamon Zircon to open her mind a bit. However, Cinnamon Zircon became suspicious of Lavender Zircon once Lavender Zircon's fascination with the Crystal Gems peaked, and she had made her plan to escape to earth. Cinnamon Zircon spied on Lavender Zircon, collected information and proof, and, ultimately, brought about Lavender Zircon's demise, shattering her to pieces.

Leuco Sapphire

Leuco Sapphire, although having never truly met Cinnamon Zircon, despises her and views her as the ultimate traitor, knowing the exact role that she played in Lavender Zircon's shattering. Leuco Sapphire vows that, should she ever happen to encounter Cinnamon Zircon, it will take a lot of restraint for her not to return the favour.

Mocha Pearl


When rejuvenated, Mocha Pearl acts exactly as such-- a Pearl. Subservient and obedient to Cinnamon Zircon, although being around Cinnamon had, at times, triggered the slightest flickers of memory through the rejuvenation.


Seraphinite has an overall negative opinion of Cinnamon Zircon for obvious reasons. Thinking about her brings about minor instabilities and general discomfort.


Dottie hates Cinnamon Zircon, but is actually rather terrified of her, as her escape from Cinnamon Zircon on the ship was incredibly narrow.

Moss Agate

Moss Agate hates Cinnamon Zircon, especially her abuse of power and her cruelty, but she is able to remain relatively calm when thinking about her.


Cinnamon Zircon is the easiest way to bring about instability in Elle, as Elle despises Cinnamon Zircon with every centimetre of her being. Cinnamon Zircon is the source of many of Elle's trust-based issues, as Cinnamon quite literally stabbed the fusion in the back-- which is where Elle's gem was. Cinnamon Zircon is also the reason Elle is so unstable when it comes to dealing with Rhodochrosite Omega. Elle has stated that, should she run into Cinnamon Zircon ever again, she's not sure if she'll lose control, or simply cry.


Starlite Zircon and Cinnamon Zircon do not get along by any stretch of the word, as Cinnamon has shown nothing but smug cruelty and arrogant snark to her and those she cares about.


Vanny cannot stand to be around Cinnamon Zircon-- Vanny had never been trusting of others since she began her vandalisation streak, but Cinnamon Zircon managed to break through her barrier and built her trust, only to literally stab her in the back. She would then go on to prosecute in Vanny's trial. She is the cause of many of Vanny's trust issues, and the mere sight of her is enough to irrationally terrify Vanny.

Starlite's Other Clients

None of them are particularly fond of her, in fact, most of them either hate her or fear her. Their dislike is further fueled by her causing the formation of the massive fusion Ammolite, a painful experience for all of them.


Image Description
Cinnamon Zircon's gem is a rectangular cut with a four-point rectangular facet. It is located in place of her left eye, much like an eyepatch.



  • Cinnamon's disguised form appears as a reference to Little Red Riding Hood.
  • Her bobbed hairstyle is referred to as a 'Karen' cut in reference to the subculture of middle-aged suburban white women labelled as 'Karens'.
  • "Turncoat" is a term that refers to "a person who deserts one party or cause in order to join an opposing one".
  • The specific colour "Cinnamon" was chosen in part to its audible similarity to the word 'Sin'/'Sinner'/'Sinning Man'.
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