Era 2:

Cobalt has a visor similar to the ones Garnet used to have before CYM, yet it's a blue visor. She has a normal blue shirt, with trousers of the same colour. Her footwear consists of twilight blue socks with a blue oval on them. What her visor hides is the fact that she has Heterochromia iridium, which is something that causes the eyes to be of different colours. In Cobalt's case, her right eye is a bright shade of blue whilst her left one's a darker shade of blue.

Era 3:

They actually had to admit that they made an error (for the first time EVER) with this, but their new outfit is basically turning their shirt/trouser combo into a bodysuit coloured bright green, and their socks became deep green with pale green circles on them - four circles each. The error? They did this because they thought Bloodstone couldn't be redeemed.


She tends to speak in a flat, monotone voice pretty much all the time, with the only exceptions being moments where she's wanting to show true seriousness. That, and sometimes it's because of an out-of-character moment. She also tends to utilise logic to solve problems, though sometimes her logic is questionable in the weird sense, since her brand of logic actually comes near the kind of logic Ronaldo uses himself.

Skills and Abilities

Cobalt can surprisingly do a lotta stuff, with the following skills:

  • Gem-tech Interfacing: Cobalt can interface with, and control Gem technology, and even got the permissions needed to interface with the Diamond Mech, thanks to Blue Diamond.
    • Piloting: Cobalt can pilot pretty much all Gem ships, and even got to pilot Blue Diamond's own personal ship at one point. Noice!
  • Engineering: Right from the start, Cobalt could easily engineer Robinoids from scratch, and she utilised this to create her Techno-Weapons, which when activated allows for additional effects.

She can also utilize her Unique Abilities, as listed here:

  • Enhanced Durability: Cobalt can actually take more hits without poofing than most other Gems. For context, Cobalt can endure an endless flurry of punches from Garnet for a whole 2 hours before she finally loses her physical form.
  • Enhanced Crafting: Cobalt can not only make awesome machinery from a small pile of stuff, but also modify and enhance them without problem. Also, she made her own mechanical weapons out of nothing but irreparable Robinoids.
  • Scanner Vision: Cobalt can utilise this to gather critical information on other people, which proves useful when facing strangers they know nothing about. However, there is a way others can tell when Cobalt is using it, which is the same giveaway Garnet has when using her future vision: When they touch their eyewear.
  • Enhanced Memory: Cobalt can keep all their memories in check, as they can recall every order the Diamonds gave them in high detail, and what was going on in the scenery at the location that the memory takes place in without fail.
    • Encyclopedic Knowledge: As a subset of the Enhanced Memory power, Cobalt can get every question on robotics and mechanics correct despite appearing to others like they haven't learnt a thing. Which was what helped Cobalt develop such advanced mechanical weapons so easily.

Of course, she does have additional tools as well, which are as follows:

  • Her Techno-Weapons, which she developed herself all due to the reason that she didn't have one to begin with, so created:
    • The Twi-Chop, so called because it's a double-headed battleaxe that can slice through wood like it's butter, and when activated can set that wood on fire!
    • The Yellow Rage is a techno-sword that can easily perform as well as Bismuth's weapons, and when activated can instantly poof Gems (Though, luckily, Fusions are harder to poof with it. All it does to Fusions is either deal critical hits, or - when activated - separate them.).


The "Red J" Trio

To them, they were just another group of Gems. Except they riled her up enough to make them her rivals, maybe even enemies. Which means there's a chance that a Brains vs Brawn battle will erupt between these fellers. Might Steven himself be needed to help defuse the situation?


Cobalt was pretty much inspired by the rising modern era of technology, so as an Era 2 Gem, she can help keep Homeworld up-to-date with the rising era of modern technology. Also, her powers are based on robots.

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