Hi there! Are you lost? Confused? Aren't sure where you are? Don't worry, I am too! I'm Opal, your tour guide, and today, I'll be showing you how to properly create a character page!
Naming Your Page
Lets start out with the basics, shall we? To begin, click the page button, located on the top right hand corner of this page.
Now to decide what you're going to name your characters page! Typically you'll name the page after the character themselves, but sometimes there'll already be a page with that name. (For example, you can't create a character page with the name Kunzite since that page already exists). To get around that, you'll have to add something to the end. I suggest adding your wikia username/your nickname so we're able to differentiate your character with other characters. (e.g. Kunzite (APF) or Kunzite (AmethystPearlFusion) )

Filling In the Infobox
Alright, now we're moving on to the fun part! For this tutorial, I'll be using the character template. (We do have another template available for use, but it's a bit harder to explain for newer users!) When you first create a page, it should look a something like this.
Now, copy-paste this template onto the page so it looks like this!

"BGColor", "BorderColor", and "FontColor" refers to the colors of the template. You can replace the numbers already there with any color of your choice! You can place in simple colors like "red" or "blue", but you can also add any color with a specific hex-number! "Cbf.png" is just a placeholder, and is meant to be replaced with your character's information. With all of this in mine, go ahead and fill out the template to your desire! And remember, if you're confused by anything here, don't be afraid to contact me or one of my wonderful associates!
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