Ember has the standard Emerald attire, but with 0% fluff due to their flame powers. Plus, it's varying shades of red, with orange shoulder pads, and dark orange gloves. Additionally, they have a flame icon on their shirt, which is dark red on the top (with said flame icon) and a pale yet brighter shade of red on the bottom. That same pale shade of red is shown on their boots, with pure red trousers. They also sport a red headband covered by their green hair (which almost looks like fire, right?).


They're surprisingly lax on everything, and they aren't really one for doing much. Granted, they somehow became one of the best mercenaries Homeworld's ever seen during Era 2, they're also one of the laziest. They're also known to consistently complain about their tiredness.

Yet what lead them to becoming one of the BEST mercenaries was, when they become dead serious on doing something - In the stupidly rare 0.0013% chance it happens, that is - they're surprisingly good at it, as in, good enough to be on equal terms with the CRYSTAL GEMS when doing it.

Skillset and Powers

Firstly, let's discuss their skills:

  • Parkour: They're good at it, but not many gets to see this in action as explained under Personality.
  • Gemtech Interfacing: Pretty much needed if you're gonna be a Gem Mercenary for hire.
    • Piloting: Also a requirement since some jobs require ya to pilot ships.
  • Jack-of-all-trades: Yep, this trope applies to Ember since, y'know, they're a mercenary for hire. But, in more detail, they can pretty much handle any job they're hired for, and do it with 150% efficiency.
  • Gauntlet Proficiency: Blame the fact that they can create gauntlets out of their fire powers.

Now to cover their powers:

  • Pyrokinesis: They can pretty much shoot flames from their bare hands, be it fireballs or spewing it like a flamethrower would. But they cannot manipulate existing sources of fire, only shoot them from their hands. A good side effect from this is that they take less damage from fire-based attacks (Think of it like this: Fire-type Pokemon moves would only deal half damage to them).
    • Healing Fire: Ember can shoot special healing fire that, while acting as regular old fire, it heals others instead of hurting them. It can't damage anything, for that matter, and it's a green flame.
    • Pyrokinetic Combat: It's their PREFERRED method of combat, as they can utilise their "fire hands" to create special flame gauntlets which they can use to fight their opponents. Guess that explains their fire motif (and the flame icon on their shirt).


Image Description
Ember's Gem
Ember's Gem is located on her back. It is rectangular in shape, but shows a bright green colouring in the centre whilst the outer sides of it shows a medium-ish shade of green


This character's actually the first one to have a custom-made, hand-drawn avatar! Special thanks to the art software Krita for allowing me to create it. <(^0^)>

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