Emo Ayanite is a low-ranking Homeworld Gem who formerly served under Ayanite Diamond. She is currently a follower of White Diamond


Emo Ayanite is short compared to most Gems, with a someone stubby build. She has lilac-colored skin, thin lips, a short pointed nose, and large, bright green eyes. Her hair is short and straight, with bangs that cover up her right eye. Her gemstone is located on the center of her back, obscured by her hoodie.

Her outfit consist of a bouquet-colored hoodie, dark pink tights, a grey skirt, and violet ankle boots. She wears a dark pink bow on the top of her hair, to hold her hair in place.


In sharp contrast to her "sister" Ayanite, Emo Ayanite is very quiet and down to Earth. She rarely ever speaks to anyone directly, and will usually communicate her emotions to Ayanite. Similar to her sister however, she is very playful and easily amused, and can be seen cracking a smile or giggle quite often. She is very cold and distance to Gems she's never met before or doesn't recognize, causing her to seem quite rude.


Emo Ayanite was one of the first Ayanites made. She was never a follower of a Diamond within the authority. Instead, she was a follower of Ayanite Diamond. Ayanite Diamond assigned Emo Ayanite into a group with 5 other Ayanites, who she would go on missions with. After Ayanite Diamond's shattering, a heartbroken Emo Ayanite was reassigned to White Diamond, the head of Homeworld. This caused her to isolate herself from everyone aside Ayanite and her superiors, very rarely appearing on missions that had more then 2 or 3 Gems. She currently remains in White Diamond's district, hoping to one day reunite with her original Diamond, Ayanite Diamond.


Kyara possesses standard Gem abilities, bubbling, shape-shifting, fusion, regeneration, agelessness, and superhuman strength/durability.

Unique Abilities

  • Inflation: An ability which is possessed by all Ayanites, Emo Ayanite can temporarily inflate her body or individual body parts.


  • Pocket Knife: Emo Ayanite's summoning weapon is a hot pink pocket knife, which she is incredibly skilled at using. The handle features a lavender-colored Diamond shape, to serve as a reminder of Ayanite Diamond.
  • Cigarettes: The cigarette Emo Ayanite has in her mouth at all times is actually a weapon, capable of firing small fireballs at incredible speeds.




Ayanite and Emo Ayanite have a relationship similar to that of two sisters. Ayanite is really the only Gem Emo Ayanite seems to care about, and is usually seem hanging around her when she's out in public.

Ayanite Diamond

Ayanite Diamond was previously Emo Ayanite's Diamond. Emo Ayanite respected her, and followed every single order she gave to her. Ayanite Diamond's death devastated Emo Ayanite, and left her lost. Though she's moved past Ayanite Diamond's death for the most part, she still thinks about her quite often; almost every day in fact.


Image Description
Emo Ayanite gemstone
Emo Ayanite's gemstone is a pink, heart-shaped Ayanite. It is located on her back.
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