Era 1

Homeworlds first and most prominent Era, Era 1 can best be described as the first propagation and colonization of the gemkind as a whole. Era 1 was relatively technologically null compared to how they are now, but they practically had the same technology as 20 century earth in terms of normal technology excluding some stuff in grey area. It as much more violent and reckless as a society back then and often is compared to ancient Greeks and Romans. They had multiple wars against various planets during this Era but it wasn't until the first Rebellion, lead by a Rose Quartz on Earth that it had its first major casualty in the Diamond Authority, which caused the concussive force for Era 2 to take way after Homeworlds retreat.

Era 2

After the death of one of their leaders, Pink Diamond, who was in control of Kindergartens being of established on a new world, and the propagation of Gemkind overall, was killed and the Rebellion was thwarted and stuck on Earth, the dawn was Era 2 made way. With Pink Diamond shattered, they were unable to properly find resources and planets suitable for gemkind and despite being technologically advanced compared to their older years, had to cut back on gem production and thus the gems created for Era 2 was very.. muted in abilities and strength compared to Era 1 and required limb enhancers and various other technology to help them do their duties. Era 2 gems are often regarded as glitches and defectives, and thus usually are canon fodder.

Era 3

Due to technological advancements, Era 3 may be underway.

Caste System

Homeworld maintains a strict caste system, with having a bit a flexibility in rankings and castes in recent years. Homeworld Gems are given a coded serial number to identify themselves from the others and often are relegated to one specific overall job and rank. While Homeworld does have a strict caste system, gems are allowed [in some cases] to choose what type of job they want to go into but not rank. The following orders represents how low or high a gem is in the Homeworld Hierarchy.



Etiquette and Differences between Areas

Although they are similar, the Etiquette and Differences between the diamonds courts are quite different with how they handle ranks and gems.

White Diamonds Council

Yellow Diamonds Commission

Blue Diamonds Court

Pink Diamonds Entourage