Kunzite (specifically Kunzite Facet 1012 Cut-092) is a high-ranking Homeworld Gem who serves under Blue Diamond.


Kunzite is tall with a slender build. He possesses a hot pink complexion, thin lips, a small pointed nose, and narrow, orchid-colored eyes. He has short, dark pink hair that obscures a small portion of his face, and is styled to feature spikes in the back. His gemstone is embedded on the back of his neck.

His outfit consist of a light blue dress shirt, a dark blue tuxedo vest, a royal blue diamond-shaped tie, dark blue dress pants, and dark blue dress shoes. He wears industrial piercings on both of his ears, that he is capable of removing and wielding as sewing needles.


Kunzite is an intelligent, quick-witted, demure Gem who takes himself and the people around him very seriously. He prioritizes his duties on Homeworld above everything else - In fact, it’s rare for him to do anything aside from the tasks provided to him by his superiors. He views the strict rules imposed upon the Gems of Homeworld to be a necessary evil for achieving a perfect planet. He doesn’t seem to mind most things that would make a Gem defective, however - such as cross Gem fusion, being off colored in some way, having a rebellious personality, etc.


Kunzite was created 10,000 years ago on a planet not too far from Homeworld. He was created for the purpose of designing various different Gems - such as, but not limited to: pearls, lapis lazulis, zircons, aquamarines, etc. Upon creation, he was placed under Blue Diamond’s court of Gems, where he has remained since. Recently, Kunzite was gifted a pearl for showing 10,000 years of dedication to the Gem Homeworld. Unfortunately for him however, this pearl turned out to be the defective Sea Salt Pearl, who has given him nothing but problems since his ownership of her has begun.


Kunzite possesses standard Era-1 Gem abilities, bubbling, shape-shifting, fusion, regeneration, agelessness, and superhuman strength/durability. He doesn't possess many abilities outside of this however, as he wasn’t created with combat in mind. Due to his limited supply of weaponry and weak physical build, he usually relies on strategy when faced with a physical conflict.

  • Fabrikinesis: Kunzite can create, shape and manipulate any sort of clothes of any material (cotton, plastic, leather, wool, etc.) or type, and textiles/cloth, a flexible material consisting of a network of natural or artificial fibres formed by weaving, knitting, crocheting, knotting, or felting.
  • Summoning Weapon: Kunzite is capable of summoning a pair of hot pink scissors from his gemstone, used when needs to design a physical outfit for a Gem.
  • Sewing Needles: The industrial piercings on each of his ears are actually sewing needles that he is capable of ripping out with little effort. He is able to manipulate their size and sharpness.
    • Thread: Additionally, he is able to summon a small amount of thread from his gemstone to go along with his sewing needles.


Sea Salt Pearl

Sea Salt Pearl is Kunzite’s very own pearl. The two don’t get along at all, and are constantly seen bickering with one another over petty things.


Kunzite in real life

Kunzite in real life.

Gemstone Information

  • Kunzite was first discovered in Connecticut, USA. The first significant commercial deposit was discovered 1902 in the Pala region of San Diego, California, where morganite (pink beryl) was also discovered.
    • The most important deposits of kunzite are from Minas Gerais, Brazil, but most of the current supply is from Afghanistan and Pakistan. Other sources include Madagascar, Myanmar and the USA.
  • Kunzite is closely related to hiddenite, the yellow-green member of the spodumene gemstone family which was also discovered and named after an American mineralogist.
  • Kunzite and the entire spodumene group are important industrial sources of lithium, which is used for the making of medicines, ceramics, mobile phones and automotive batteries.
  • Kunzite is usually pale but it can sometimes be bright and quite intense. Kunzite colors range from light pink to saturated pink; lilac to lavender, and from light violet to pink-violet.
    • Color is known to fade with prolonged exposure to strong light. Kunzite is strongly pleochroic, resulting in different color intensities (usually pink, clear and violet) depending on the angle it is viewed from.


Image Description
Kunzite gemstone
Kunzite' gemstone is located on the back of his neck. It resembles a rounded square, featuring a square-shaped facet.

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