Lazurite (Facet-3F7E Cut-5XH) is a former fugitive whose existence, due to not having emerged a gem and rather having been turned into a gem long ago, leaves them an oddity.


Slightly shorter than Cat’s-Eye, roughly the size of a human child. Thin, but generally uniform body shape. They have pale, greyish-blue skin and black lips. Their deep, medium-dark blue hair is short, messy and slightly curly, half of it pulled back by a bright sky blue headband while a section of the hair instead drapes over it on the right side of their head. They have eyes with no distinguishable pupils, with irises that are only slightly lighter in colour than their hair, the right one brighter than the left, and their sclerae are gold-tinted. Their nose is pointed and upturned slightly. They wear a black, sleeveless and buttonless crop-top dress shirt that cuts off at the midriff and has a purple bowtie on it. Their deep-blue legless shorts are topped with a pale purple waistband attached with black buttons to a pair of white suspenders going up over their shirt and crossing over their back. Their gem is located on their right cheek just under their right eye. On both hands, they have technologically-based black gloves with electric blue details similar in colour to their headband. They have black over-the-knee socks and shorter brown boots. Visible on either side of their waist are four symmetrical blue scars. They can shapeshift, and when they do, they can also change some of their colours. They occasionally wear a bright blue holograph-based technological visor.


Very youthful and optimistic. Possesses a generally loving nature and great leadership prowess, but can cave and give in to their own childish nature and the tomfoolery of their crewmates. Incredibly loyal, but occasionally, overdependent and can’t stand being separated from the crew for too long. They divide their love- platonic and romantic- evenly to those they care for, but will take their love back quickly and become guarded if betrayed. This leaves them with emotional volatility and can cause them to be suspicious of others without warrant, or to be friendly or trusting of others without warrant. They are heroic and oft feel the need to push themself to the brink for the survival and health of their friends. Rarely fazed by things and more often than not interested by them, often possessing a childlike lack of self-preservation when interested in something, even if it's dangerous. Especially if it's dangerous. They are also prone to breakdowns that can only be triggered by a few select things. They have a particular distaste for being patronised or condescended and doesn't like their ships being damaged, letting others or themself down in times of need. They fear the idea of corruption and dislike profanity. They show an interest in video games and playing music, and have a penchant for joking and fooling around with their more laid-back crewmates. Other interests of theirs include suspenders (which, despite having their own on their physical form, they collect), sand and water (especially when both are in the same area), and improv entertainment, particularly pertaining to their particular unusual talent: storytelling. They've been known to take mistakes to heart too quickly and becomes just as quickly upset about them. Too quick to give trust, too quick to take it away. They also do take part in sleeping and eating.


Very simply, they had been turned into a gem a significantly long time ago. Ended up on Homeworld and quickly integrated into society. After a significant time of serving Homeworld, they eventually, over time, after meeting two of them, befriended a slew of gems with a common thread of growing distaste to Homeworld and left with them.


Lazurite possesses the usual Gem abilities; shapeshifting, summoning a weapon, fusion, regeneration, bubbling and enhanced durability and strength. However, unlike most gems, due to the nature of their existence, they can bleed (but cannot exsanguinate) and lose consciousness due to lack of energy. They also possess unique abilities, which they don't always have a full grasp of yet.

  • Ferrokinesis: Lazurite is capable of mentally moving and manipulating metal.
  • Hydrokinesis: Lazurite is able to manipulate and control water and water-based material (including ice, snow, other water-based liquid, etc.). This is a very underdeveloped and nigh unused ability.
  • Technological Abilities: Lazurite can- simply put-summon technological/holographic screens and communication devices without external technological advancements or attachments. They work similarly to the screens Peridot had when she had her limb enhancers.
  • Photokinesis: Like many other gems, Lazurite can project light, coloured blue, from their gem.
  • Bladed Top Proficiency: Lazurite's weapon resembles a giant, motorised, bladed Beyblade toy that they use generally as a thrown, projectile, or returning weapon.



  • Engineering: Lazurite has exceptional proficiency in engineering, though it's generally specialised to building ships. They're noted to have built almost every ship they've ever used by themself, or with little help, and the ships are generally quite well built.
  • Piloting: Along with building ships, they're able to fly them. However, their piloting ability is basic and others can pilot with significant superiority to them.
  • Gem-Tech Interfacing: Able to use and interact with gem tech with efficiency.
  • Parkour: With an impressive amount of agility, Lazurite can generally make impressive jumps and other manoeuvres.


Bumblebee Jasper

A fun-loving, sibling-like duo. They're both energetic and outgoing, and their personalities mesh well. Bumblebee's childish and playful nature is, unfortunately, a weakness for Lazurite, leading to tomfoolery and roughhousing, and some collateral damage. Lazurite is very protective of Bumblebee as they are aware of the abuse and pain Bumblebee has suffered and doesn't want anyone to resurface the emotions Bumblebee felt back then. Thusly so, they will likely fight anyone who vituperates or verbally or physically abuses her. Bumblebee similarly sees Lazurite as a fellow defective/misfit, and would protect them physically at any given moment, and is often quick to try to calm them down when they're panicking. Bumblebee also highly admires Lazurite and adores the stories they tell, so you could consider her a huge fan of their work.

Cat's-Eye Chrysoberyl

Their relationship is rather neutral, not interacting too much, but Cat's-Eye notably feels safe around Lazurite and looks to them for protection and support when her primary choice isn't an option. They both respect each other, and Lazurite tries to support Cat's-Eye when it comes to socialisation. Cat's-Eye generally refers to Lazurite as simply "Cap", "Cap'n", or "Captain".

Chocolate Tahitian Pearl

Very similar relationship to Leuco. They care deeply about each other and are, unfortunately, often flirting with each other without realising. They also frequently compliment and offer support to each other. Lazurite shares a similar romantic attraction to Tahitian Pearl as with Leuco. Tahitian Pearl mostly returns these feelings, but neither of them talks about it. Lazurite and Tahi enjoy spending time together. Lazurite very commonly gives and refers to her with nicknames, to which she admits it is "strange to feel this important" often. They respect each other a great deal, and Tahi gives a strong positive opinion of Lazurite, especially in terms of their storytelling abilities and leadership skills.


Their relationship is pretty strained, not because they dislike each other, but because they often come to arguments. Lepidolite doesn't always listen to what Lazurite says as captain and doesn't always respect them as a captain. Lepidolite has had the issue of snapping at superiors in the past, and that hasn't gone away. She has had incidents in which she has yelled at Lazurite for many reasons, some justified, some petty, some ridiculous. She does, however, enjoy their stories.

Leuco Sapphire

Lazurite and Leuco Sapphire are generally very close, Lazurite having met Leuco and her pearl before anyone else in the crew. Lazurite has had very few truly negative interactions with Leuco and enjoys being around her. They generally respect her and have harboured awkward and vague romantic feelings for her for a long time running. They also have many playful interactions, one very common occurrence being Leuco attempting to outmatch Lazurite when they're telling a story by predicting what they will say next, and Lazurite trying to outpace her predictions. Lazurite cares heavily for Leuco and has expressed severe distress when failing to keep her safe in the past. The two of them spend plenty of time together and dabble in each others' interests.



Lazurite consistently fears Rhodochrosite and feels pretty bad about it. Due to her spontaneous instability and dual nature, Lazurite instinctively does not feel comfortable around Rhodochrosite in fear of her power. They try very hard to relax around her and not worry about it, but it's not generally effective. Rhodochrosite is very sweet and nurturing towards them, but she feels bad too, as she's aware of their fear. They have many positive interactions and enjoy each other as people. Despite their fear of her, Lazurite does view her as a sort of mother figure and puts a lot of hope in her. Sadly, Rhodochrosite's instability is one of three things that can trigger a panic attack for Lazurite.


Another thing that can trigger a panic attack for Lazurite. Lazurite's feelings towards Omega range between debilitating fear and blinding fury. Omega, however, views Lazurite as little more than a pest.


Similarly to Bumblebee, they have a common thread of fun-loving and good energies. Seraphinite respects Lazurite as a person and a leader and generally trusts their judgement. Lazurite can get annoyed by her calling them "little one", though.


Though rarely interacting, when they do interact with Dottie, it's usually with a comedic exasperation. Tired of the action that's going on, still finding it funny.


They rarely interact but have common humorous personality and protective natures.

Moss Agate

They get along very well, but generally, Moss Agate acts nurturing and protective to Lazurite, if a bit stern.

The Crystal Gems

Lazurite just thinks they're neat.


Image Description
Lazurite's gem is an abnormally shaped, faceted blue gem that is in a vaguely triangular shape, and is located on their right cheek.



  • Lazurite is commonly used as a component of Lapis Lazuli in real life.
    • This is the reason for why Lazurite has Hydrokinesis.
  • Lazurite partakes in eating, mostly eating dry or dehydrated food.
    • Apparently, however, their favourite food is sand.
    • It's unclear if sand is truly their favourite food, but it is common knowledge that they do in fact eat it.
  • Their favourite colour is white.
  • Their dance style is a Balboa-Breakaway swing.
  • Their favourite video game is Tetris.
  • They are an excellent swimmer.
    • Ironically enough, they have subaquaphobia [the fear of swimming or being underwater] and don't like to actually swim.
  • They have a running gag in which they cannot at all remember the name of the Cuprite that follows them around.
    • Thus far, they've mistakenly misremembered the Cuprite as a Topaz, and an Agate.
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