Midnight Sapphire is a dysfunctional Sapphire living with a band of other off color gems. 



She is a dark gray blue sapphire with many eyes floating around her. 


She is suppose to be able to see the future, but due to having a crack in her gem (which is on her chest, forgot to draw it), she struggles to forsee the future accurately.

The reason she has so many eyes is because she is seeing MANY many versions of the future. Originally, she was a normally functioning sapphire before her gem got cracked.  

Everytime she meets a new gem, their prediction of what the future will be like is added to 

her perception, and she gains another eye. She functions well, but when it comes to thinking about the future she gets overwhelmed with all the versions of the future she envisions. It is impossible for her to tell which version of the future is correct.

(This is all subject to change, she's a complex character)


Due to not being able to fulfill her role as a Sapphire, she has a lot of self doubt and is scared to make decisions. She feels like she is going to make the wrong choice, decisions scare her. One could say she has anxiety. She is very sweet to those she loves, those being her off color friends. 


Mixite Bismuth- TBA

Pink Zircon- TBA

Cloudy Amethyst- TBA

Blue Topaz- TBA

Padparascha Sapphire- TBA (??)Here is Midnight Sapphire fusing with Padparascha Sapphire (AmethystPearlFusion's OC). They form crimson Sapphire.

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