Well.......that happened.......

—Nephrite, on Bloodstone's Defeat by Cats-Eye


Nephrite has four arms, two resembling Moonstone's arms, and two resembling Tiger Eye's arms. They have Tiger Eye's star belt around the associated Gem, as well as Blue Moonstone's shoulder pads (albeit transparent ones). They have green fingerless gloves on their upper two arms, deep green cat-like markings on their face and lower two arms, and freckles on their face.


They're quick to react to anything, yet remain sort of quiet when doing so. She's kind of a motormouth when explaining stuff, yet is willing to go over what she explained again more slowly, so others can understand. Despite being one to use violence as a last resort, they're quick to use their summoned weapon (an upgraded version of Moon's axe) on whomever angered them at 100mph.


If it was a quirk in the anime series 'My Hero Academia', then it would be called "Heating Time". It's not as awesome as it sounds, though: It's basically temporal heat vision, or something similar to Garnet's Future Vision, but with heat vision applied as well, as an additional setting.

Also, they have the abilities of each of their components - Multiplied by two. The whole 'future vision with an additional heat vision setting' thing is Nephrite's unique ability, one they do NOT share with their core components.

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