She is an off color Zircon, living with another stranded band of off color gems.


She's pink. Her gemstone is on the back of her neck. From it, there's a pink translucent veil.


Zircon's are suppose to be level-headed, rational gems who make strong arguments; as it is their job to defend/prosecute. Due to her being off color; Pink Zircon cannot do this.

She is a terrible defense gem. Rather than defend her client, she will bring up all the suspicious, negative things that the gem did, she is very good at dirt digging on all the bad things a gem has done in the past.

She sucks at prosecution as well. When it comes to prosecution, she will always try to make the person whom is shifting blame on another look bad and suspicious.

It is not known why she is like this. She used to be a very good attorney, but gradually, she has trouble defending people and has trouble seeing the good in others; even among her fellow off color friends. She is always suspicious and wary. Very rarely do you hear her say something positive about another person.


Cloudy Amethyst: TBA

Blue Topaz: TBA

Mixite Bismuth: TBA (still have to design her/make a page)

Bonus old design sheet


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