Pou is a former noble gem that resides on Earth. She does not have an alignment, and Pou prefers to appreciate the beauty of the planet. She originally came to Earth to see the progress of colonization, but in awe, Pou decided to stay with her spinel, Gray. The Diamonds didn't really care about this particular gem, and they found her to be an annoyance.


Pou has short, bubble gum pink hair that curls outwards at the ends. Her nose points up slightly, and it has a gentle curve. Pou's skin is pale pink, and her eyes are dark pink. She has a similar build to the PermaBlood duo, but much shorter and more muscular.

Current Form

She wears a dark pink, long-sleeved sweetheart with a hot pink ribbon and almost black trousers that came to her knees, partially covering a portion of her bubble gum boots. The boots have mauve circles in a straight line.


Before the Great Gem War, she was kind to all gems. Back then, she helped wherever she could. She had an innate curiosity for all things and tried to understand them as best she could. However, at times she was a bit oblivious to certain things, and tended to be annoying.

The war changed her. After seeing countless gems being shattered (most of which were very close), she became ill-tempered and abusive towards those who were close.

Era 3 came. She became more of a better gem. Pou still has a bit of an ill temper, and other times she comes off as a bit too intense, but she's working on it.


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