Serpentine hasss a teardrop sshaped gem located on their lower left arm (More detailsss in the Infobox), with twilight green ssssocksss, neon green leg warmersss, and blueissshh green ssshhoesss. They alsssso wear a dark green belt over their yellow-green sshhirt and sshhortsss, which have a blueisshh green vertical stripe in the middle of them.


They like putting extra emphasssisss on the letter 's' when talking, ssso they prolong themssselvesss when usssing the letter (kinda like a ssssnake, huh?). They alssso have a fondnessss for sssnakesss, like Tiger Eye hasss a fondnesss for tigers. However, if they find out sssomeone hasss directly harmed a ssssnake, then they will beat you like Ssssansss dunkssss on the player in the Genocide run of Undertale.

Sssskillsss and Abilitiessss

Because of their sssnake-related traitssss, they happen to possssessss several ssssnake-like powersss, sssuch asss:

  • Enhanced Ssspeed: They are naturally fassster than other Gems, yet sssomehow they move fassster when crawling on all foursss (that isss, crawling on their armssss and legsss).
  • Enhanced Agility: They can move more freely than other Gemsss, allowing for easssier attemptsss at dodging attackss from otherssss.
    • Enhanced Flexibility: An indirect bonusss from their enhanced agility meanss they can bend their body further than other Gemsss can. And that'sss real awesssome.
  • Venomous Clawssss: They have retractable clawsss in their handssss that can be usssed againsst othersss, and alssso can utilize poisson to deal extra damage againssst othersss. What kind of poissson? Paralyzing venom, to be exact, which meansss that they can paralyssse humansss, insssectss, and even low-tier Gemsss too (e.g. Rubiesss, Pearlsss). Not including Fusssionsss.

They alssso have thessse ssskillsss ass well:

  • Animal Handling: Limited to just sssnakesss. But boy, isss she good at it!
    • Sssnake Handling: She can eassily calm the mossst riled up of sssnakess, and thesse ssserpentsss are actually letting Ssserpenting ussse them ass whipsss! Thisss workss on any ssspeciess, and I mean ANY sspeciesss of ssnake. AT. ALL!


Ausssstralian Humansss

The Ausssssiesss believed Ssserpentine to be the Ssssnake Queen, ssso only the bravessst Aussstraliansss dared go up againsst her in combat. But, Sssserpentine got annoyed by the amount of Aussstralianss coming to fight them over the hundredss of yearsss, sssso kept a few bodiesss jussst to help intimidate the Aussssiess.


Their only ally who wassn't a ssnake, but a Gem. Toucannite helped Sserpentine get to Earth to fulfil their dreamss, but wass caught by Yellow Diamond who shattered her for doing sso. She hass yet to catch Sserpentine, but now that it'ss Era 3, Sserpentine no longer needss to fear the Diamondss. If they knew Era 3 wass a thing to begin with.


Asss it turnss out, there'sss a hidden hisstory with thessse sssnakess, which explainssss why they're ssso friendly towardsss - and willing to defend - ssnakesss.

She iss ssso friendly towardsss ssnakess becausse Toucannite wass their only friend, who - ass sstated above - wass shattered for helping them get to Earth. Sserpentine heard of thiss, ssso needed ssomeone to help them get over the newsss. In thiss time of desssparity, she turned to sssnakess, and befriended many of them jussst to help her relieve hersself of the sssadnesssss causssed by thisss. It wasss becausse of the Diamondsss that she came to be friendsss with thesse ssnakesss in the firssst place. And she wasss happy.


Insspiration for thisss character came from the Ssserpentine characterssss from the Lego Ninjago sssseriesss. Which sssspeciess? The Vermillion Warriorss, of course! Their durability far outranksss that of the otherssss.

Also, Ssserpentine'ss sspeech can be filed under the Sssssnaketalk trope.

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