The manual of style is a page that editors will be recommended to refer to before they make any edit on the wiki.


For the record, we don't give a shit if you're bad at writing or not. Just make sure to use proper punctuation and shit please! A lot of things can be spelled differently based on personal preference so there is really no point in writing a fuckton of stupid guidelines on how things should be spelled. Just do you, boo!

Plain English

Make sure to write pages in English because this an English wiki.


Please use autocorrect if you don't know how to spell something!


We don't give a shit if you spell color as "colour", just as a quick example. Just make sure that you're spelling a real life word correctly!


We don't give a shit if you use both British and American styles of punctuation. Just make sure to use the punctuation properly!

Oxford/Serial Comma

Personal preference.

Adding Categories

Articles must have at least one existing category. Be wise when making articles, and remember to add categories.

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