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Reports against users for vandalism should be placed here. You can also place reports here that indicate the need for the use of Rollback tools to be resolved the simplest. This section is to be used to report problems between users, or issues with a user violating policies that do not fit into other categories. For reports of pages that might benefit from protection by a sysop. This is also the place to put forth requests for reviews of block or kickbans believed to be unfairly issued. For issues that need staff attention but do not fit into any other category. This includes things like copyright problems that need immediate attention.


Member Use

  • Members should only file true reports. Any false reports of issues will result in action being taken.
  • Members are encouraged to provide links when an issue's original report does not contain needed ones.
  • Members should attempt to refrain from posting duplicate reports by checking prior to making a report to see if an issue is already awaiting an Administrator's attention.
  • Reports on issues from the chatroom must be accompanied by a screenshot of the incident.
  • Reports should be placed into the category they best fit. If they report does not fit into a single category, or has not category that corresponds to it, place it in the "Other" section.

Staff Use

  • Staff members should take on only the jobs that are within their rank level's purview, and otherwise leave tasks for those with the power to handle the problem. (i.e. Rollbacks should not deal with user issues that have the potential to require a block)
  • Staff members should note that they are working on a problem to avoid duplicate work.
  • Staff members should note that they have completed work on an issue.
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