The Steven Universe Roleplay Wiki is always looking for active and experienced editors to become a part of its staff, who are granted a few extra tools to aid in the maintenance of the wiki. If you feel that you or another editor is ready to become a staff member or be promoted to higher staff position, please submit a short biography of yourself and why you think you should receive the rights that you are requesting at the Requests for User Rights board.


Staff members are generally expected to meet the following standards:

  • Shown experience in past editing and discussions.
    • We typically recommend at least a few hundred edits before your first application.
  • Knowledgeable of editing the Steven Universe Roleplay Wiki and our policies.
  • Willing and able to communicate with and help users in a courteous manner.
  • Fairly active.

Any editor can apply or nominate other users. If nominating another user, you should discuss the nomination first and get their permission. Remember, becoming a staff member isn't a big deal - no user is higher than another, and being a member of staff simply means that you have been trusted with extra tools to help out with.

All applications are considered by the current staff, who offer input and support/opposition. Non-staff users can also provide input, which may be considered in the final decision. A week after an application is submitted (or sooner if the consensus is clear), an Administrator will determine the consensus of the vote and discussion (or extend the time period if needed). Take note that your application may be quickly vetoed at the discretion of the staff team, so please read the standards and take the application seriously. If your application fails, though, don't be discouraged! Take any advice into mind, and re-apply after a bit of time when you think you're ready again.