Eras 1 and 2

Tiger Eye is actually mute by default, not saying anything at all. At least, they don't want to. They only speak if it they need to, like when they lied to their commander so they could get to Earth. Still, they try to keep as quiet as possible, despite choosing to be mute. She'll try to keep things rolling smoothly, yet likes to shapeshift into a tiger cub from time to time, since she has........some...sorta....thing......for.......tigers.

Era 3

They now talk more often than they did in the previous two Eras, and also became more comfortable with exploring other planets. Additionally, she seems to be more in favour of fusion than she did previously, and became a more relaxed individual (Think Hippie Quartz).


Unique Abilities

They seem to have a heightened sense with numbers, which allowed them to have what's known as Numerical Precision, or the ability to see the universe as a numerical system. This can allow them to see into the future, and also see what is currently happening to those they cannot see. They have so far only exhibited the capability to turn it off once, when they were still learning how to handle this special ability, and it seemed like they're the only Gem with this ability.


  • When fused with Blue Moonstone, they form the Nephrite fusion.


Eras 1 & 2

Their hair is orange with yellow tips, with a yellow outfit, yellow socks and white shoes. They have a white star surrounding their naval gemstone, and they have freckles, as well as yellow cat stripes on their arms and face.

Era 3

As if they didn't have an already relaxed outfit, they managed to find one that's more chill than before! They even decided to try some cool sunglasses too, which is a bonus and a half! Asides from that, their white star has turned yellow, and their shirt doesn't dip into it, same going for their trousers, which became a neat pair of shorts. They now have better footwear, as seen with their big 'ol yellow shoes, and their big 'ol orange socks. Overall, it's pretty much a cooler outfit, plus the new orange sunglasses (Which looks similar to Peridot's sunglasses, hmm.......).


Blue Moonstone

Their first encounter was when they were found on Earth by Moonstone during Era 2, but knew that events surrounding a fusion who was lost and literally frozen in space would make them give up, which is what happened. Since then, they considered her an ally.

Now, during Era 3, they found themselves becoming an official couple, something which they're entirely fine with, going on dates with each other.


She welcomes them with open arms, and is always one to make sure they're comfortable with Earth. When Era 3 started, Tiger Eye became a more relaxed individual because that meant less Homeworlders to worry about, and more Earthlings to meet and befriend. She seems to enjoy the company of tigers.

Tiger Gallery

This is where pictures of our fav Tiger Gem will go. So enjoy!


This Gem was inspired by a character from the televised series titled 'Touch', known as Jacob "Jake" Bohm. He too, had the same ability yet had no way of disabling it.

Tiny Tiger - I mean Tiger Eye (tnx for super-gluing THAT into my mind, Zreoyx) - alongside Moon Gem and Psycho Gal have been given the opportunity to join in on the Pokemon fun and become Pokemon Trainers! So stay tuned for Pokemon related news regarding these three.

Thanks to TvTropes, it's now known that Moon and Tiger Eye form a duo known by tropers as a Brains and Brawn duo. Which one is which, you may ask? Well, Tiny Tiger's the Brains with her Numerical Precision powers, whilst Moon Gal's the Brawn thanks to her experience as a Homeworld Soldier.
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