I'm pretty much a free spirit, quirky and full of fun! But, being a nerd, I'm pretty much an awkward free spirit. Doesn't matter, though. I do try my best with stuff, yet quick to judge. Oh, and one more thing: I. DON'T. TAKE. KINDLY. TO. ANTI-VAXXERS. EVER.

Also, due to recent events - such as the virus - I'm much more prone to being random than before, but that's so I can cope with the boredom of being stuck indoors. #RelatableContent, right?

Characters Created

  • Blue Moonstone: The very first one. Based on Smily himself.
  • Tiger Eye: The tiger-loving one. Based on Jacob Bohm from the televised series "Touch".
  • Red Bloodstone: The crazed one. Meant as a Halloween character, now fleshed out into a full-time character.
  • Angel Aura: The quirky one - That's me! I'm the one who can see what y'all are typing, and not one of ya's gonna hide it from me!
  • Serpentine: The sssslithery one. Hasss been living in Aussstralia for a good 2000 yearsss at leassst.
  • Blue Cobalt: The robotic one. When it comes to robotics and mechanics, don't bother trying to outsmart them. They'll outsmart you.
  • Chalcopyrite: A modern major Gem who was made for leading armies during Eras 1 and 2, but now leads a group in Era 3 known which consists of most of these gemsonas (Bloodstone's the excluded one).
  • Ember: The laziest of the lot, this hot-headed Gem wishes nothing more than to chill and relax. As if that'll happen.
  • Xenophyll: That's 'Major Xeno' to you, and they're a former military general who now runs their own boot camp on Earth, which makes SURE wrong-doers are given the appropriate treatment.

Extra Info

Fav. Colour's yellow (though I know more about colours than I'd like to), Favourite character from S.U is a tie between the guacamole space dorito and the smol mom (or, the fun mom), and least favourite favourite character in the show is Kevin. To those who ask why, I will say "Have you even been watching the show, or are you dumb as dirt?".

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