aka Smilyman112

  • I live in RAF Scampton (Currently)
  • I was born on June 5
  • My occupation is Student/Writer/Artist
  • I am Male
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  • SmilyWiki112

    Let me start by saying that the 'Big Idea' part of the title is a reference to the Big Idea Entertainment company (You know, the fellers who made Veggietales?)

    But, it's also because I have a big idea: To create Lego models of Gemsonas! This idea has been long since shoved aside. But others can try to do this if they want to.

    Instead, the whole "Big Idea" part can be creating Pokemon teams for the Gemsonas (Basically allowing them to become Pokemon Trainers). I've already started with Blue Moonstone, to whom I've already given a "Pokemon Trainer" outfit. Read their page to learn more on their new outfit. I'm also going to be doing this with my other characters, Tiger Eye and Bloodstone. If anyone wishes for ME to create Pokemon teams for their…

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  • SmilyWiki112

    A Gem from H377

    October 31, 2019 by SmilyWiki112

    Well, now I've done it.

    A new character I made (my 3rd one), was made specifically for roleplay sessions that happen on Halloween, or near it. (by 'near it', I mean anytime during the final week of October.)

    Yep. A Gem which seems like it was literally made in H377. I had one job. ONE job.

    Wanna send me yer thoughts? Contact me via Discord, where my Discord handle is Smilyman112.

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  • SmilyWiki112

    Moonstoned Welcome

    August 19, 2019 by SmilyWiki112

    I added my own character to the wiki, Blue Moonstone, and some extra info.

    Now, Blue Moonstone is a Homeworld Gem made in Era one who fought in the war against the Rebellion. But, when Era 3 rolled around, they were surprised that it came with peace between Earth and Homeworld, so they tried to make sense of a new Homeworld, one they helped shape during Era 2.

    I do actually have more characters in mind to create, but I am currently unsure if I actually wanna do bring them into fruition or not. But, to confirm some info regarding Blue Moonstone, I did base part of the character off myself, just to clarify, and Blue Moonstone is my only character to be like that. Also, if I do get to making another character, I wish to do so by grabbing random…

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