I'm gonna announce it here instead of on the Dishcord, but, I'm planning on some big things regarding my Bloodstone Character.

Firstly, since y'all now know of my AO3 stuff, I've decided to put a new story on there, which will feature one chapter per character, explaining each one of their origin stories. The first chapter will be titled "Bloodstone: From Zero to Psycho". You can find my other work, "The PokeGems", right here

Secondly, moving onto the Roleplay and the Wiki stuff, I'm confirming that Bloodstone did have a Era 2 specific appearance, but will also take on a new one in Era 3, as part of their Redemption Arc. I'm letting others create those outfits, since I have a lot of work ahead of me with the first thing (The AO3 stuff).

So, in summary, I'll be working on a new AO3 story, with each chapter being a different Gemsona's Origin Story, starting with Bloodstone's origin story. While I do that, I'm letting you lot create some new outfits for her, one that she had during Era 2, and her second Era 3 outfit. I'm looking forward to some good things from y'all! You can leave yer pics in the comments for this Bloggy Posty. Until then, I'll be seein' you later!

SmilyWiki112 (talk) 11:06, March 5, 2020 (UTC)


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