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Variscite is solitary gem, with a bad sense of humor and a very human personality, she feels more comfortable in Earth, surrounded by the nature, she prefers to stay away from Homeworld Gems, or Gems in general.

She can be a little condescending and sarcastic, most of the time giving a pretty unlikable first impression


Variscite was made to be only a gunner and operate heavy machines, even if she loved her purpose something felt off, and eventually she started to become “rebellious” in some way, she managed to create her own weapon and just harass the bosses that harassed other weaker gems, like some kind of “protector” if you wanna put it a name, eventually she was moved to another patrol, she couldn't stay too much with a team since always there was a problem, and she had a hard time to keep her mouth shut, getting a good amount of lovely violence from her fellow gems and bosses, even if she was pooft, Variscite give the Agate in charge a good punch in the face, obviously, for the “right reasons”.

When the Rebellion happened, she took the opportunity to engage in combat with the rebels using one of the little warships, with a little army of Nephrites on it, but nothing could prevent the combat she was about to face. Variscite was piloting the ship when the rebels in form of an incredible fusions attempted against the warship, just smashing them into the ground as soon as they appeared, far from being worried, Variscite loved the battlefield and once the forces were deployed in emergency, she went crazy with her crossbow and combat knife, just started to fight the rebels with a huge enthusiasm, but at the end they were overpowered by the fusions. Variscite eventually just surrounded before the rebels and offered her help against Homeworld, even though it was an excuse to keep fighting and somewhat give their old squad a headache. Eventually started to understand why they were defending planet Earth, even though her intentions were somewhat malicious and rancorous, the life growing up in every corner and the feeling of freedom was what Variscite always wanted, and maybe also a bit of chaos.


Around 5’9’’ feet tall, Variscite is an slender green coloured gem, with multiple shades of green and yellow across her body, her eyes simulating heterochromia due to the variety of colours on her gemstone which is located on her nape, short hair, like a “Bob cut” style, but more messy and light green coloured, she wears a black vest and a white shirt with thin stripes, along with some black military pants and long shootin’ boots, sometimes she wears a hat that she stole from someone, as for her face, she always looks tired or uninterested, done with the world, but her freckles makes her adorable.


Like most Gems, Variscite can shape-shift, summon a weapon, fuse, and retreat to her gemstone to regenerate.

Unique Abilities:

  • Knight of Death (Jerry): she can summon a giant knight Golem who protects her, he can only be summoned by draining Variscite's energy on the battlefield, but she can summon him in a more tiny form draining less energy, obviously being more weak, it's appearance resembles a medieval knight. (Note: Keeping it for the feels)
  • Knife Combat: She can summon a knife and engage is melee combat pretty decently
  • Eagle Eye: She can concentrate in one specific spot while standing completely immobile, and somehow get a clean shot if not disturbed, she usually uses a crossbow or her knife for said action.


  • Combat Knife
  • Crossbow

Variscite's Gemstone

Image Description
Variscite's Gemstone is located on her nape


Gemstone Information

  • VariVari

    Variscite is a hydrated aluminium phosphate mineral (AlPO4·2H2O). It is a relatively rare phosphate mineral. It is sometimes confused with turquoise; however, Variscite is usually greener in color.

    As a green gemstone, it is a strong grounding stone and green gemstones are often used for gaining wealth and improving the intellect. 
  • The power of variscite is thought be able to help most brain-related functions, such as learning, reasoning and logic or common sense.
  • It is believed to be an excellent stone for relieving stress and anxiety. Variscite is thought to enhance feelings of joy, peace and harmony for those who carry or wear it as jewelry.
  • Although it is not an official modern birthstone, Variscite is one of the astrological birthstones for those born under the signs of Gemini, Scorpio and Taurus.
  • It is especially beneficial for the balancing the energies of the higher heart chakra; it is believed to open the heart and stimulate feelings of compassion and love. Physically, variscite can alleviate pain associated with gout, rheumatism and ulcers. Many alternative crystal healers will use variscite for acid indigestion, abdominal distress, cramps and distension.


  • Variscite always wears different clothes, she prefers vintage human fashion.
  • She “found” an old cowboy hat, with a bullet hole on the right side.
  • Normally she builds little cabins, gets tired, and just moves somewhere else and builds another, she has left quite a few abandoned cabins in the woods, in the desert, almost anywhere.
  • Even thought she was very violent, somehow she “aged” a little bit and became more peaceful, yet more bitter.
  • She’s a very passionate drinker.
  • Variscite used several human names back in time, she has forgot about a few but some still remains, due to her actions back in past. One being Booker, and other being Samantha.
  • She plays the guitar and the piano, learned from an old human lover she had a long time ago.
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