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Violet Sapphire is a Homeworld Gem and a follower of Blue Diamond.


Violet Sapphire is short with a rather thin build. She has thistle-colored skin, plump lips, a large violet-colored eye, and lacks any nose. Her eye is obscured by her long, wavy, blue-violet hair that extends past her shoulders.

Her outfit consist of a dark violet-blue dress that obscures the lower half of her body, rounded violet-indigo shoulder pads, and elbow length violet-indigo gloves. There is a diamond-shaped cut on the center of her dress that reveals her gemstone.


Violet Sapphire is a very calm, collected, secluded Gem. She rarely appears in front of others unless she's being escorted or reporting to her Diamond. She is quite gentle and soft spoken, as well as incredibly delicate. She has a fondness for plant life and loves to collect new plants for her garden. When presented with new plant life that she's never seen before, she becomes a lot more positive and happy over all.


Violet Sapphire was created on Kepler thousands of years ago, a planet colonized by Blue Diamond. It was here that she became fascinated with plant life and decided that she'd like to start a garden of her own. She currently maintains a garden on Homeworld called "Galaxy Gardens" where she collects different species of planet life from across the galaxy.


Violet Sapphire possesses standard Gem abilities, bubbling, shape-shifting, fusion, regeneration, agelessness, and superhuman strength/durability.

Unique Abilities

  • Future Vision: An ability unique to her gem type, Violet Sapphire has the ability to see into the future.
  • Levitation: She is able to hover in the air at will.
  • Empathic Perception: Violet Sapphire can sense the emotions of others. This helps her to empathize with others, and put on a more caring tone to help address negative situations.
  • Agrokinesis: Violet Sapphire is capable of manipulating plant life. Because of her empathetic ability, she tends not to use this ability as she is feels it "unnecessarily disturbs the plant".


Blue Diamond

Blue Diamond is her superior. Violet Sapphire sees Blue Diamond as a sort of "motherly" figure, who watches over all of the Gems in her district in a strict but loving way.


Violet Sapphire in real life

A violet sapphire in real life.

Gemstone Information

  • Sapphire is the traditional birthstone of September. As for the zodiac, it is regarded as the stone for Taurus.
    • Historically, it was the birthstone of April.
    • The sapphire is the traditional gift for a forty-fifth wedding anniversary.
    • Sapphire is the national gemstone for the United States and Greece.
  • Throughout history, sapphire has symbolized truth, sincerity and loyalty.
    • In times of antiquity and the Middle Ages, the term sapphire actually referred to lapis lazuli, but in the early nineteenth century, the description and definition of sapphire was changed to the corundum variety we know today.
  • Sapphire is typically very durable, and considered to be one of the hardest materials on earth.
    • It is the second hardest substance on earth after diamond, rating 9 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness.
    • Because of the remarkable hardness of sapphires – 9 on the Mohs scale (the third hardest mineral, after diamond at 10 and moissanite at 9.5) – and of aluminium oxide in general, sapphires are used in some non-ornamental applications.
  • Sapphire is a member of the corundum family and is closely related to ruby; the red to pink-red gem-quality variety of corundum.
    • Most corundum is opaque to translucent and heavily included, suitable only for industrial use, including the production of abrasives used for sandpaper and machining of metal, plastics and wood.
    • Corundum itself is not a very rare mineral, but gem quality corundum is extremely rare.
    • Since ruby is a member of the corundum group, it is closely related to sapphire and thus shares some properties, such as hardness, composition and double refraction, with sapphire.
  • While blue is the most traditional and classic color for sapphire, sapphire is actually found in a variety of different colors. Today, all colors of gem quality corundum are known as sapphire, with exception to red corundum, which is classified as ruby.
    • Sapphire colors are best viewed under natural daylight. In artificial or incandescent light, sapphire colors can appear darker and inky black-blue.
    • Trace amounts of elements such as iron, titanium, chromium, copper, or magnesium can give corundum respectively blue, yellow, purple, orange, or green color.
    • Colored sapphire (other than blue) is often referred to as fancy sapphire, and fancy sapphire is typically traded using color-specific names, such as yellow sapphire, green sapphire or purple sapphire.


Image Description
Violet Sapphire's gemstone
Violet Sapphire's gemstone is located on her navel. It has a triangular cut with a round shape. The front and back are symmetrical, and it has a dark purple ring around the edge.


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