Eras 1-2:

They had a visor on their face hiding their eyes - which are yellow - that has a pink frame and dull yellow lens. They always go around wearing a cape which is purple in colour, and their deep green shirt has the Era 1 Emblem on it. They also wear a neon green pair of trousers, a pair of deep green gloves, and their boots are neon yellow in colour, with their hair being deep yellow in colour.

Era 3:

They've changed their overall appearance to reflect recent events, since they've completely CHANGED their outfit - They now sport a visor with a dark green frame, their gloves went towards a darker shade of green, their shirt just became a plain yellow one, their trousers are now sky blue in colour and their boots went for a more orange colour. In short - No sign of the colour red ANYWHERE on their outfit.


During Eras 1 and 2, they behaved exactly like any military general would: They were loud, they were mean, and they pushed others to their limits, and further.

However, now that it's Era 3, they became less of a military general and more of a law-enforcement officer. They even formed the Xeno Corps to help enforce the rules and laws brought in with Era 3.

Skills and Abilities


  • Gem-tech Interfacing: Of course they can do this, how else could they command their troops?
  • Sword Proficiency: I mean, they do have a sword as their 'Gempon', as Ronaldo put it. Of course they'd need to know how to use one.
  • Leadership: Again, how else could they lead their troops and the Xeno Corps?


  • Electrokinesis: They can easily generate electricity from within themself, and shoot it from their hands.
  • Enhanced Durability: Like the Crystal Gem Peridot, they can take quite a beating and still remain intact.
  • Enhanced Endurance: Due to the Determinator trope being applied to Xeno, they can actually boost the amount they can endure thanks to sheer determination alone. For reference: Yellow Diamond usually poofs Gems instantly by zapping them (For diamonds, it takes around a minute to do so), yet when they're determination kicks in, it'll take her 10 seconds to poof them. Yikes.
  • Enhanced Strength: It has actually been reported that Xeno can lift an empty Roaming Eye and carry it with ease. But one with Gems in means it'll be harder for them to lift than one without Gems in.


The Moon Crew

That's basically Blue Moonstone, Tiger Eye, Angel Aura Quartz, Chalcopyrite, Serpentine, Cobalt and Ember, but they see these seven as useful allies. Shuffled during the Bloodstone Trial Arc, since the group (including them) split in half over whether they should keep Bloodstone locked up or let them redeem themself. They took the side that wanted them incarcerated for life, for obvious reasons.


Originally, they respected Moonstone and treated them as an equal due to how the Diamonds wanted them to turn out. During Era 2, they drifted apart due to Moon focusing more on advancing Homeworld's technology instead of helping the Diamonds gain more colonies. They got reacquainted when Era 3 began, and it was Moon's idea for them to start a boot camp on Earth for humans. Time will tell if this actually happens, though, since the Bloodstone Trial Arc caused a rift between the two due to them taking different sides on the matter.


They first met during Era 2, when they wound up on the same group for a mission to create a new colony for Yellow Diamond, and Xeno's initial thoughts was the same as everyone else - "What a lazy Gem. Why did I get grouped with them?" - until they challenged Ember to a fight, which resulted in Xeno losing for the first time, and as a direct result, changed Xeno's opinion of them. Now, Xeno respects them as both a Worthy Opponent and a useful ally, alongside Moon. Era 3 saw the two becoming firmer allies, especially during the Bloodstone Trial Arc.


  • Weapons: Aside from the obvious Gem Destabalizer option, Morning Stars actually work better against Xeno than expected. Only three hits will be needed with one.
  • The Elements: Yes, Xeno has elemental powers (Electric ones), but that comes with all the elemental weaknesses attached, so smart fighters will know what elements to use against them (It's similar to the Pokemon Type Matchups).
  • Ranks: This one isn't a physical weakness, but rather one tied with social structuring, since those with a higher rank than Xeno can easily get them to 'stand down' and back off. But this won't work if Xeno has evidence that they're abusing their position just to get what they want.
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